TheDadLoans Makes Cash Problems Disappear

In rough economic times, many people have to tighten their belts and really keep track of every penny they spend in order to get by. When there is so little margin for error, even the smallest unexpected expense, like the need for new car tyres, can be too much of a financial burden and become a huge problem. However, TheDadLoans can get you a payday loan that will give you cash today, and allow you to make that problem disappear.

As a digital payday loan broker, we don’t offer our own loans, or loan money to you at all. Our business consists of maintaining a huge list of quality lenders who do offer loans, and helping you find the best one for you who can offer you the quickest and best payday loan. These loans are just for a few hundred quid and are to be repaid with your next paycheque, and are incredibly cheap and accessible.

In fact, nearly everyone in the UK can qualify for a payday loan; as long as you have a stable job, a bank account, a place to live, and are living here legally, you have a great chance at getting offered a loan. And if you think that bad credit might stop you from getting a payday loan, think again! When we day almost everyone can get a payday loan, we mean it!

The process of getting a payday loan through TheDadLoans is also far easier and faster than you can imagine. Our online application and automated system means that you can have a loan in under and hour while our advanced 256-bit SSL encryption technology keeps the entire process as safe and secure as if you actually had to go to a bank to get a loan.

And the very best thing about these loans is that you can apply right now, for free, and have cash in your bank account tomorrow morning! When you are facing a problem that you need cash to take care of today, there is no better, or cheaper, place to get a payday loan and get cash today in the UK than TheDadLoans.

Nearly Everyone is Eligible

For the vast majority of legal, working adults in the UK, getting a payday loan is just as simple as getting a supermarket loyalty card or registering an account at a new website. In order to apply, you must meet the few, broad requirements:

  • You must like in the UK as a British citizen or legal permanent resident
  • You have to be at least eighteen
  • You have to have a job or other kind of regular monthly income
  • You have to have a British bank account with direct deposit

Getting a Payday Loan

The hardest part, finding a solution to your immediate cash problem, is already over! You found TheDadLoans, now let us do the rest and get you a payday loan, today! The first step you need to take is to fill in our secure, online application. It’s absolutely free to apply, and it is so short and simple that you should finish it in less than five minutes.

After giving us a few pieces of information about yourself and submitting your form, our automated servers jump to life and cross-reference it with our huge database of payday lenders to find the best lenders for you and your needs. In mere second, we will have found the best lenders for you, and have sent them your application for review.

Then, it is in the hands of the lenders. If they like your application and decide to approve you, you will know within minutes and they will follow this news with loan offers sent directly to you via email. Sign the agreement if you are happy with it, but there is no penalty for rejecting an offer. However, signing the loan will mean that you now have hundreds of pounds in a payday loan, and that you should see the money in your bank account tomorrow!

How TheDadLoans Stands Apart

We think that getting a payday loan and helping people when they are in need is a wonderful thing to do, and the last thing we want to do is take advantage of people in that situation. That is why we don’t charge a single thing for the brokerage service we provide, while other payday websites and lenders can charge as much as a hundred pounds, just to apply. We also make sure that our lenders treat customers ethically for the same reason, because taking advantage of people who are already down on their luck is simply despicable.

TheDadLoans is one of the only sites that provides real loans within minutes, and is 100% free for our customers. And we do this all through one of the most secure sites in Britain, due to our use of Rapid SSL 256-bit certificates and other leading security software. And of course, we are super-fast, and the loans we get you are also the cheapest. We can’t think of any reason why you would trust any other payday loan site.

Putting Your Credit Back in Order

When you are a responsible borrower, you get offered loans and credit; if you don’t borrow responsibly, you don’t have access to loans or credit cards. When you have a bad credit history, lenders don’t want to lend to you, and you will have a hard time getting any sort of loan. Except for a payday loan, that is. Payday loans are available even to those people with bad credit, which means that you can get a loan with bad credit, and start to prove to lenders that you have turned your life around and are responsible again. By getting and repaying a payday loan today, you are making your life easier tomorrow.

Confidence in Our Confidentiality

Let’s face it; it is pretty embarrassing to have run out of cash and need to try to get a payday loan to deal with something relatively simple, like a broker water pipe or a leaky widget. We understand that you probably don’t want your family or your boss knowing about your financial issues, so our Privacy Policy ensures that neither TheDadLoans nor the lender you are matched with will contact anyone you know about your loan. Couple that with our award-winning security software and internet safety protocols and you can be assured that no one will ever know about your loan if you don’t want them to.